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Amphibious (D)

Physical defect



Creation Code




Reality Distorting?Reality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Amphibious (D)

Your skin must be kept moist with fresh water.

You pour water on yourself rather than drinking it to quench your thirst.

You require approximately 67% more water than usual.

+100 reputation with frogs

Amphibious (D) is a physical defect that can be chosen upon character creation. Amphibious creatures will thirst 2/3 faster than one without amphibious. By default, the player character loses 20 water units a turn. With Amphibious, this becomes about 33 thirst units a turn.

Quenching thirst while amphibious does not require any special actions. Despite the description, the player character does not need to select the pour fresh water on themselves option(chosen from the container context menu). In fact, it does not quench thirst at all. The only way to quench thirst is to choose Drink or use auto drink.

Hidden Effects[edit | edit source]

A hidden effect that Amphibious has is that due to not consuming water through the mouth, glotrot cannot putrefy water containers. Amphibious creatures are also unable to vomit due to overdrinking Water.pngwater as the excessive amount runs off.

Combating the Effects[edit | edit source]

Two skills in the Self-discipline skill tree affect how quickly water depletes:

  • Fasting Way (17 willpower) decreases the rate of thirst by one half.
  • Mind over Body (29 willpower) decreases the rate of thirst by 0.84.

These skills stack each other, so taking Amphibious and Fasting Way would make the rate of thirst about 16 units (20(Base rate) * 1.67 (Amphibious) * 0.5 (Fasting Way).