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ape fur hat
Ape fur hat.png
Base AV


Base DV







Reputation Bonus

apes: -100



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Ape Fur Hat

Worn On


Spawns in



10 Cold

ape fur hat

A leather hat with ear flaps lined with the alabaster fur of an albino ape.


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An ape fur hat is a type of head-slot equipment (more specifically, a hat) found in Caves of Qud.

As with all the ape fur items, it decreases the player's reputation with the apes faction by 100 when worn, but also gives moderate cold resistance.

Remaining Neutral with Apes[edit | edit source]

For players who wish to wear ape fur items for the cold resistance, but also wish to avoid apes becoming hostile to them, two pieces of ape fur equipment can be worn without dropping the player's reputation from "not cared about" to "disliked," assuming the player has not lost reputation with apes in any other way.