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Skill Tree



100 sp


23 Strength



Whenever you make a cudgel attack with your primary hand, there's a 25% chance you make an additional free attack with the same hand.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Backswing is a mid-level skill found in Cudgel skill tree which grants a chance to make additional attack after you attack with your cudgel in your primary hand. This is treated like another attack, so the second attack can miss.

Version History[edit | edit source]

Before patch, Backswing was also available for axes as well, and it only activated after a missed strike. Although these skills exist in different skill trees, they affect both weapon types, and have identical behavior, despite each having their own class in the game's code.

Whenever you miss with an axe or cudgel attack, there's a 25% chance you make an additional attack. You can't backswing off a missed backswing.

This gave diminishing returns as the more likely the skill was to activated, the more likely the second attack will miss as well.