Bilge Sphincter

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Bilge Sphincter


Takes up

Tail, Feet



Reality Distorting?Reality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Bilge Sphincter

You bear a sphincter-choked bilge hose that you use to slurp up nearby liquids and spew them at enemies, occasionally knocking them down.

+6 Strength
+1 AV
+100 Acid Resistance
+300 reputation with mollusks
Bilge sphincter acts as a melee weapon.
+50 move speed when moving through tiles with 1000+ drams of liquid
You can spew liquid from your tile into a nearby area.
Spew cooldown: 10 rounds
Spew range: 8
Spew area: 3x3
Spew chance to knock the targets down: Strength/Agility save vs. character level

Bilge Sphincter is a mutation that can only be granted to the player character by consuming the Cloaca Surprise.

A .bilge sphincter will take up the tail slot of the creature, or the feet if there are somehow no tail slots.

The .bilge sphincter has a 15% chance to strike when bump-attacking an enemy; striking with the bilge sphincter in turn has a 25% chance of poisoning the attacked creature with a toughness save of 20, with a damage increment of ♥3d33-9 (Avg: 6) and a duration of 3d33-9 (Avg: 6) turns. [1]

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