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Bits are components used for Tinkering. Bits can be denoted by either colored dots or by letters and numbers. On the wiki, letters and numbers will be used. If a bit is <0>, that means on game start, it will be a random choice between <A>, <B>, <C>, and <D> bits. Bits are acquired by disassembling an item that is able to be disassembled.

Scrap[edit | edit source]

Scrap are items that generally have one or two guaranteed type of bit. There is regular scrap, and medical scrap. Medical scrap is much rarer.

Scrap Bits
Bent metal sheet.pngBent metal sheet C
Cracked lens.pngCracked lens B
Fractured microchip.pngFractured microchip D
Burnt capacitor.pngBurnt capacitor A
Corroded circuit board.pngCorroded circuit board 00
Failed energy relay.pngFailed energy relay 1
Fried processing core.pngFried processing core 2
Cracked robotics housing.pngCracked robotics housing 3
Broken microcontroller array.pngBroken microcontroller array 4
Partial monomatter assembly.pngPartial monomatter assembly 5
Detuned antimatter microreactor.pngDetuned antimatter microreactor 6
Dysfunctional ai master unit.pngDysfunctional AI master unit 7
Metamorphic core.pngMetamorphic core 8
Blunt scalpel.pngBlunt scalpel C
Shattered magnifying glass.pngShattered magnifying glass B
Bent surgical stent.pngBent surgical stent D
Fried implant core.pngFried implant core A
Twisted metamuscle.pngTwisted metamuscle 00
Worn replacement valve.pngWorn replacement valve 1
Destroyed cybernetics controller.pngDestroyed cybernetics controller 2
Fractured crysbone.pngFractured crysbone 3
Powdered nanohulls.pngPowdered nanohulls 4
Depleted stemgenerator.pngDepleted stem-generator 5
Detuned cortical regenerator.pngDetuned cortical regenerator 6
Faulty cellular detelomerator.pngFaulty cellular detelomerator 7
Lowquality replacement head.pngLow-quality replacement head 8