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Castes are one aspect of character creation in Caves of Qud. There are 12 castes available. Castes are only available for True kin. Each caste has their own bonuses to stats, skills, and starting inventory. The counterpart of castes for Mutants are Callings.

List of Castes[edit | edit source]

Name Stat Bonus Skills Build code Notability
The Toxic Arboreta of Ekuemekiyye, the Holy City
+2 saves to bleeding, can choose Nocturnal Apex as their starting cybernetic
Horticulturist +3 Intelligence Cooking and Gathering, Harvestry, Axe Proficiency, Bow and Rifle (Steady Hands, Draw a Bead), Wilderness Lore: Jungles a Start with a bio-scanning bracelet and a selection of tonic injectors.
Priest of All Suns +3 Ego Cudgel(Cudgel Proficiency), Heal, Snake Oiler, Intimidate, Wilderness Lore: Jungles b Start with a smiling sun mask
Priest of All Moons +2 Willpower

+2 Toughness

Axe(Axe Proficiency), Butchery, Lionheart, Poison Tolerance, Wilderness Lore: Jungles c Start with a frowning moon mask
Syzygyrior +3 Agility Offhand Strikes, Ambidexterity, Wilderness Lore: Jungles d
The Ice-Sheathed Arcology of Ibul
+15 cold resistance, can choose Cherubic visage as their starting cybernetic
Artifex +3 Intelligence Repair, Disassemble, Deploy Turret, Tinker I, Tinker II e Starts with Solar cells and several scraps
Consul +3 Ego Inspiring Presence, Proselytize f
Praetorian +2 Strength

+2 Toughness

+1 Willpower

Long Blade Proficiency, Shield Slam, Steady Hands, Draw a Bead g Starts with Praetorian's cloak and a Desert rifle
Eunuch +2 Agility

+2 Intelligence

Short Blade Expertise, Hobble, Steady Hand, Weak Spotter, Spry, Hurdle h
The Crustal Mortars of Yawningmoon
+15 heat resistance, can choose Air current microsensor as their starting cybernetic
Child of the Hearth +3 Strength Slam, Calloused, Strapping Shoulders i
Child of the Wheel +2 Agility

+1 Strength

+1 Ego

Short Blade (Short Blade Expertise), Cleave, Offhand Strikes, Iron Mind j
Child of the Deep +3 Toughness Tank, Strapping Shoulders, Shake It Off, Wilderness Lore: Mountains, Wilderness Lore: Canyons k
Fuming God-Child +4 Willpower Fasting Way, Lionheart, Poison Tolerance, Intimidate l Starts with Billowing conch of the Aji

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Caste and arcology selection