Cloaca Surprise

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Cloaca Surprise



Black Goo
Brown Sludge
Green Ooze



Has Plants


Has Fungus


I want to drink the garbage water, Slog.

The Cloaca Surprise is a recipe that is taught by Slog of the cloaca.pngSlog of the Cloaca. Slog will not teach this to True Kin. Eating this recipe will cause the player's body to morph into a body similar to Slog's. Their sprite will transform into Slog of the cloaca.pngSlog of the Cloaca's, but horizontally flipped and with white as the main tile color.

Body Slots[edit | edit source]

The consumer's original body will be swapped with a predefined body form which will always have these slots: [1]

  • Head
  • Feelers (replaces face)
  • Back
  • Hands
  • Hand (2)
  • Missile Weapon (2)
  • Tail
  • Thrown Weapon
  • Floating Nearby

This means that for the average human player character:

  • Arms will be lost (arms granted by Multiple Arms stay)
  • Feet will be lost (feet granted by Multiple Legs stay)
  • First face slot will be renamed to Feelers (any other faces will remain the same)
  • The mutation Bilge Sphincter will be granted
  • A tail slot will grow with the .bilge sphincter as a melee weapon

Bilge Sphincter[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bilge Sphincter

All associated effects that come with Bilge Sphincter:

  • +50 Movement Speed in liquids with volume greater than 1000
  • +6 Strength
  • +100 Acid resist (armor can still be destroyed)
  • +1 AV
  • +300 reputation with Mollusks
  • Can poison enemies on hit
  • Can spit liquid at other creatures to make them prone

Consuming the Surprise[edit | edit source]


You feel an uncomfortable pressure across the length of your body.

Feelers rip through your scalp and shudder with curiosity.

A bilge hose painted with mucus undulates out of your lower body. It spews the amniotic broth of its birth from its sputtering mouth.

The following gets added into the Journal:

You ate the Cloaca Surprise.

Attempting to eat the surprise again will give the player this message:

Your genome has already undergone this transformation.


References[edit | edit source]

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