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Caves of Qud has a bartering system where items vary in price based on a multitude of factors. Commerce is the base value that is specified for each item that is then multiplied or divided by a multiplier depending on selling or buying.

Trading Multiplier Formula[edit | edit source]

\text{Multiplier} = \frac{0.07 \times (\text{Ego Modifier} + 2\text {(if Snake Oiler)}) + 0.35}{5(\text{if Socially Repugnant)}}

If the player has Glotrot, Ego modifier and Snake oiler no longer have an effect and returns a flat -3. The equation then becomes

\text{Multiplier} = \frac{(0.07 \times -3) + 0.35}{5(\text{if Socially Repugnant)}}

The multiplier cannot be higher than 0.95(achievable with +9 Ego modifier or +7 Ego modifier with Snake Oiler) and the multiplier cannot be lower than .05 (-5 Ego modifier or -2 Ego modifier with Socially Repugnant).

When buying an item from a trader, this multiplier is divided by the value of the item in question. When the item is sold, the value is multiplied by the multiplier.

Sacred Well Reputation Formula[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sacred well

How much reputation the Sacred well gives is also dependent on the commerce value of the object.

 \text{Reputation} = \text{Commerce}/10

Reputation cannot go lower than 1, and if an object that has no specified value defaults to 10 reputation.

Book Experience Formula[edit | edit source]

\text{Exp} = \text{Floor}(\frac{Commerce^2}{25})

Modifications and Commerce[edit | edit source]

Each modification has a Value attribute that is multiplied against the base Commerce value to get the new modified value.

Items by Commerce Value[edit | edit source]

Page Commerce Categoriy
Page Commerce Categoriy
Hand-E-Nuke 10,000.0 Grenades
Zetachrome lune 6,000.0
Timecube 3,000.0 Trinkets
Mental aggregator 2,265.0 Helmets
Phase cannon 2,000.0 Rifles
Fist of the Ape God 2,000.0
Flawless crysteel shardmail 1,900.0
Zetachrome warhammer 1,500.0
Zetachrome pumps 1,500.0
Zetachrome battle axe 1,500.0
Zetachrome apex 1,500.0
Zetachrome long sword 1,500.0
Zetachrome halberd 1,500.0
Two-handed zetachrome long sword 1,500.0
Zetachrome gloves 1,500.0
Zetachrome hammer 1,500.0
Zetachrome dagger 1,390.0 Short Blades
Plastifer chem vest 1,350.0
Nullray pistol 1,200.0 Pistols
Crysteel shardmail 1,200.0
Anti-gravity boots 1,000.0 Footwear
Chain laser 1,000.0 Rifles
Helping hands 900.0 Backpacks
Nano-neuro animator 900.0 Tools
Gyrocopter backpack 800.0 Backpacks
Nanoweave vest 795.0
Eigenrifle 750.0 Rifles
Hypertractor 750.0 Rifles
Mutating gaze 750.0 Natural Weapons
Laser rifle 750.0 Rifles
Linear cannon 750.0 Rifles
Geomagnetic disc 750.0 Thrown Weapons
Freeze ray 750.0 Rifles
Flawless crysteel battle axe 720.0
Flawless crysteel halberd 720.0
Flawless crysteel long sword 720.0
Flawless crysteel great sword 720.0
Flawless crysteel warhammer 720.0
Flawless crysteel mace 720.0 Cudgels
Flawless crysteel dagger 690.0
Blood-gradient hand vacuum 666.0 Pistols
Flawless crysteel boots 650.0
Flawless crysteel coronet 650.0
Plastifer jerkin 650.0
Flawless crysteel gauntlets 650.0
Metamorphic polygel 600.0
Ganglionic teleprojector 595.0 Helmets
Powered exoskeleton 535.0 Backpacks
Rainboweave cloak 535.0 Cloaks
Maghammer 520.0 Cudgels
Scroll bound by a strand of kelp 500.0
Kindrish 500.0 Armlets
Mechanical wings 500.0
Quantum mote 500.0
Ruin of House Isner 500.0 Pistols
Military security card 500.0
The Flume-Flier of the Sky-Bear 500.0 Backpacks
Stopsvalinn 500.0 Bucklers
Missile launcher 490.0 Heavy Weapons
Grenade launcher 490.0 Heavy Weapons
Cybernetics credit wedge 450.0
Overloaded laser pistol 450.0 Pistols
Crysteel coronet 400.0
Symbiotic firefly 400.0
Law-enforcement security card 400.0
Crysteel gauntlets 400.0
Laser pistol 400.0 Pistols
Rocket skates 400.0
Crysteel boots 400.0
Crysteel battle axe 390.0
Crysteel halberd 390.0
Crysteel great sword 390.0
Crysteel long sword 390.0
Plastic armor 390.0
Crysteel warhammer 390.0
Crysteel mace 390.0
Plastifer sneakers 350.0
Plastifer gloves 350.0
Rough emerald gemstone 350.0 Trade Goods
Rough peridot gemstone 350.0 Trade Goods
Plastifer bonnet 350.0
Fullerite plate mail 345.0
Amaranthine prism 335.0
Rhinox-skull maul 320.0
Fullerite flake armor 320.0
Crysteel dagger 310.0
Eta and the Earthling, Canto I 300.0 Books
Crime and Punishment 300.0
Arc cannon 300.0 Heavy Weapons
Mortar tube 300.0 Heavy Weapons
Rough sapphire gemstone 300.0 Trade Goods
On the Origins and Nature of the Dark Calculus 300.0 Books
Cybernetics credit wedge 300.0
Emergency-services security card 300.0
Blast cannon 300.0 Heavy Weapons
Swarm rack 300.0 Heavy Weapons
Chrome mantle 300.0
Disquisition on the Malady of the Mimic 300.0
Vibro blade 300.0 Long Blades
Fullerite aegis 300.0