Corrosive Breath

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Corrosive Breath


ID?Use this ID to wish for the mutation
(example: mutation:CorrosiveBreather)


Reality DistortingReality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Corrosive Breath

You breathe corrosive gas.

Breathes corrosive gas in a cone.
Cone length: 4 + Level tiles
Cone angle: 20 + 2 * Level degrees
Cooldown: 15 rounds

Corrosive Breath is a physical mutation that is usually reserved for the breathbeard family, but can be acquired by cooking with Acid.pngacid, Tartbeard gland paste.pngtartbeard gland paste, Concentrated tartbeard gland paste.pngconcentrated tartbeard gland paste, or eating a Tartbeard gland.pngtartbeard gland or Elder tartbeard gland.pngelder tartbeard gland. If a creature with this mutation has no name before, it will be overwritten to be tartbeard.

Passively, the creature also gains a full +100 acid resist, making them fully immune to acid damage. However, their gear can still be affected.

Creatures with Corrosive Breath[edit | edit source]