Corrosive Gas Generation

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Corrosive Gas Generation





Sleep Gas Generation

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Reality Distorting?Reality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Corrosive Gas Generation

You release a burst of corrosive gas around yourself.

Releases gas for (1 + Level / 2) rounds
Cooldown: 35 rounds

Note that for easier wiki use, ID has its GasObject constructor appended to it. The ingame id is GasGeneration with constructor="AcidGas".

For each round that this mutation is active, you release gas at a density of 100 units in each tile around you. Gas density can accumulate over several rounds, but gas also spreads and slowly dissipates.

Gas damage is highly variable due to the way that gas spreads and dissipates. The table below lists the typical damage per round caused by gas at a density of 100 units. If you are in the corner of a zone or along the edge of a zone, your gas density could be slightly higher and you might do a bit more damage than described below. If your character is moving around a lot in a wide open space, you might do less damage than described below. Keep in mind that damage can also be affected by enemy acid resistance.

Advancement Table[edit | edit source]

Mutation Level Active Duration Gas damage per round
creatures / robots walls / objects
1 1 round 1 100
2 2 rounds 1 200
3 2 rounds 2 300
4 3 rounds 2 400
5 3 rounds 3 400
6 4 rounds 3 500
7 4 rounds 4 600
8 5 rounds 4 700
9 5 rounds 5 700
10 6 rounds 5 800