Evil Twin

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Evil Twin (D)

Mental defect



Creation Code




Reality Distorting?Reality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.


Evil Twin

Acting on some inscrutable impulse, a parallel version of yourself travels through space and time to destroy you.

Each time you embark on a new location, there is a small chance that a parallel version of yourself has tracked you down and attempts to destroy you.

Upon entering a new zone, there is a 5% chance that an evil twin will spawn. The following message will also appear:

You sense a sinister presence nearby.

The evil twin is a complete copy of the character, including items, skills, and mutations, except feelings about all factions are set to -100, except Highly entropic beings, which is set to 100. This means that if the evil twin cannot find or reach you, they will strike at any other creature that is not part of the Highly entropic beings faction. The twin does not come with any followers that the player character might have accumulated in their party.

Evil twins are part of the hidden Playerhater faction, which is specifically designed to be always hostile towards the player, regardless of the reputation the player character has with the Playerhater faction.

The evil twin will also perform a reequip action while spawning, so unequipping an item before entering a map is not a possible strategy as the twin will reequip the item again. This reequip also check inside chests that the player character is currently holding.

Getting killed by your evil twin unlocks the achievement Your Better Half.