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Items are objects scattered throughout Qud that can be worn, equipped, activated, or even consumed.

All Items by Category[edit | edit source]

Items Search[edit | edit source]

Food has its own table. To search food, check Food.

Item ID Category
Item ID Category
Acid gas grenade mk I AcidGasGrenade1 Articles_with_missing_info Grenades Stubs
Acid gas grenade mk II AcidGasGrenade2 Articles_with_missing_info Grenades Stubs
Acid gas grenade mk III AcidGasGrenade3 Articles_with_missing_info Grenades Stubs
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. I: The Sunderlies Across1 Books
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. II: Athenreach Across2 Books
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. III: Oth, the Free City Across3 Books
Advanced toolkit Advanced Toolkit
Advertisement MerchantAdvertisement Books Pages_with_no_description
Air current microsensor AirCurrentMicrosensor Cybernetics Pages_with_no_description
Air well Air Well Furniture
Albino ape heart Albino Ape Heart Corpses
Albino ape pelt Albino Ape Pelt Corpses Food
Albino monkey braid Albino Monkey Braid Cloaks Pages_with_no_description
Alchemist's table Alchemist Table Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Amaranthine prism Cyclopean Prism
Amaranthine prism Cyclopean Prism Floating_Nearby Unique_items
Amber-tipped staff Amber-Tipped Staff Cudgels Pages_with_no_description
Anchor spikes AnchorSpikes Cybernetics
Anomaly fumigator AnomalyFumigator Cybernetics
Anti-gravity boots Anti-Gravity Boots Footwear Pages_with_no_description
Antimatter cell Antimatter Cell Energy_Cells
Ape fur cloak Ape Fur Cloak Cloaks Reputation-altering_items Stubs
Ape fur gloves Ape Fur Gloves Gloves Reputation-altering_items Stubs
Ape fur hat Ape Fur Hat Hats Reputation-altering_items Stubs
Aphorisms about Birds AphorismsAboutBirds Books
Arc cannon Arc Cannon Heavy_Weapons Pages_with_no_description
Arc sconce Tomb Techlight1 Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Archway Archway Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Argyve's data disk Argyve's Data Disk Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Argyve's data disk encoded Argyve's Data Disk Encoded Quest_Items
Ari Ari Axes
Armchair Armchair Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Armillary sphere Orrery Furniture
Armor rack Armor Rack Furniture
Ash-stained robes Ash-Stained Robes Armor Pages_with_no_description
Ashes Ashes Items Pages_with_no_description
Autodoor Autodoor Furniture
Banana tree Banana Tree Pages_with_no_description Plants
Bandage Bandage Applicators Pages_with_no_description
Banner of the Holy Rhombus Banner of the Holy Rhombus Banners
Barathrum clock Clockthing Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Barathrum clock with Q Girl pendulum Clockthing_QGirl Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Barathrumite token Barathrumite Token Pages_with_no_description Tokens
Bark armor Bark Armor Armor Pages_with_no_description
Basic toolkit Basic Toolkit Pages_with_no_description Tools
Beaded bracelet Bracelet1 Bracelets Pages_with_no_description
Beak Beak Articles_with_missing_info Defects Mutated_Natural_Weapons Mutations Physical_Defects
Beautiful visage BeautifulVisage Cybernetics Pages_with_no_description
Becoming nook CyberneticsTerminal2 Furniture Stubs
Bed Bed Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bedger Bedger Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bedroll Bedroll Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bell of Rest Bell of Rest
Bench Bench Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bent metal sheet Scrap Metal Scrap
Bent surgical stent Med Scrap Electronics Pages_with_no_description Scrap
Bethesda Susa recoiler Bethesda Susa Recoiler
Billowing conch of the Aji Billowing Conch of the Aji Cudgels
Bio-scanning bracelet Bio-Scanning Bracelet Bracelets Scanners
Biodynamic cell Biodynamic Cell Liquid_Fueled_Energy_Cells
Biodynamic power plant BiodynamicPowerPlant Items
Bionic arm BionicArm Cybernetics Pages_with_no_description
Bionic hands BionicHands Cybernetics Pages_with_no_description
Bionic heart BionicHeart Cybernetics Pages_with_no_description
Bionic liver Cyberliver Cybernetics
Black puma haunch Black Puma Haunch Corpses
Black robes Black Robes Armor Pages_with_no_description
Blast cannon Blast Cannon Heavy_Weapons Pages_with_no_description
Blaze injector BlazeTonic Pages_with_script_errors Tonics
Blinding gas BlindGas Gases Pages_with_no_description
Blood and Fear: On the Life Cycle of Lah BloodandFear Books
Blood-gradient hand vacuum Blood-Gradient Hand Vacuum Pages_with_no_description Pistols
Bloody arrow Clue_BloodyArrow Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Bloody patch of fur Clue_BloodyPatchOfFur Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Bloody patch of watervine Clue_BloodyWatervine Quest_Items
Blueprints for Q Girl's climber design ClimberBlueprints Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Blunt scalpel Med Scrap Metal Pages_with_no_description Scrap
Boar-skin gloves Boar-skin gloves Gloves Pages_with_no_description
Book table Book Table Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Boomrose arrow Boomrose Arrow Arrows
Booster gun Boosterbot_Gun Pages_with_no_description Pistols
Borderlands revolver Borderlands Revolver Pages_with_no_description Pistols
Bounding boots Spring Boots Footwear
Bouquet of flowers Bouquet
Box of crayons BoxOfCrayons Trade_Goods
Brass foaminator Bubblething Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Brightshroom Brightshroom Pages_with_no_description
Brinestalk Brinestalk Pages_with_no_description Plants
Brinestalk gate Gate Furniture
Broadcast power station Broadcast Power Station Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Broken microcontroller array Scrap 4 Pages_with_no_description Scrap
Bronze battle axe Battle Axe Axes Pages_with_no_description
Bronze dagger Dagger Pages_with_no_description Short_Blades
Bronze ingot Bronze Ingot Pages_with_no_description Trade_Goods
Bronze key Copper Trollking Key Pages_with_no_description Security_Cards
Bronze long sword Long Sword Long_Blades Pages_with_no_description
Bronze mace Mace2 Cudgels Pages_with_no_description
Bronze short sword Short Sword Pages_with_no_description Short_Blades
Bronze two-handed sword Two-Handed Sword Long_Blades Pages_with_no_description
Bulging waterskin Clue_BulgingWaterskin Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items