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Items are objects scattered throughout Qud that can be worn, equipped, activated, or even consumed.

All Items by Category[edit | edit source]

Items(21 C, 19 P)
Applicators(6 P)
Books(25 P)
Corpses(82 P)
Cybernetics(42 P)
Energy Cells(1 C, 5 P)
Equipment(12 C, 2 P)
Food(1 C, 66 P)
Furniture(66 P)
Light Sources(7 P)
Medication(1 C)
Quest Items(12 P)
Recoilers(5 P)
Scrap(26 P)
Security Cards(9 P)
Statues(9 P)
Tokens(4 P)
Tools(7 P)
Trade Goods(1 C, 15 P)
Trinkets(4 P)
Water Containers(11 P)
Weapons(5 C, 2 P)

Items Search[edit | edit source]

Food has its own table. To search food, check Food.

Item ID Category
Item ID Category
Achromous bite Adiyy_Bite Natural_Weapons
Acid gas grenade mk I AcidGasGrenade1 Grenades
Acid gas grenade mk II AcidGasGrenade2 Grenades
Acid gas grenade mk III AcidGasGrenade3 Grenades
Acid-dripping fangs Hyrkhound_Bite Natural_Weapons
Acidic mandibles YithMaggotBite Natural_Weapons
Acidic pseudopod Acidic Pseudopod Natural_Weapons
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. I: The Sunderlies Across1 Books
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. II: Athenreach Across2 Books
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. III: Oth, the Free City Across3 Books
Adumbral hand HagHands Natural_Weapons
Advertisement MerchantAdvertisement Books
Air current microsensor AirCurrentMicrosensor Cybernetics
Albino ape heart Albino Ape Heart Corpses
Albino monkey braid Albino Monkey Braid Cloaks
Amaranthine prism Cyclopean Prism
Amaranthine prism Cyclopean Prism Artifacts Floating_Nearby Pages_with_favilink_errors
Amber-tipped staff Amber-Tipped Staff Cudgels
Anti-gravity boots Anti-Gravity Boots Footwear
Antimatter cell Antimatter Cell Energy_Cells
Ape fist (ogre ape) Ogre ape fist
Ape fur cloak Ape Fur Cloak Cloaks
Ape fur gloves Ape Fur Gloves Gloves
Ape fur hat Ape Fur Hat Hats
Aphorisms about Birds AphorismsAboutBirds Books
Arc cannon Arc Cannon Heavy_Weapons
Ari Ari Axes Pages_with_favilink_errors
Armchair Armchair Furniture
Armored claw Chitinous Puma Claw Natural_Weapons
Ash-stained robes Ash-Stained Robes Armor
Banana tree Banana Tree Plants
Bandage Bandage Applicators
Banner of the Holy Rhombus Banner of the Holy Rhombus Banners
Barathrum clock Clockthing Furniture
Barathrum clock with Q Girl pendulum Clockthing_QGirl Furniture
Barathrumite token Barathrumite Token Tokens
Barbed foreleg Agolzvuv_Foreleg_Barbs Natural_Weapons
Barbed midleg Agolzvuv_Midleg_Barbs Natural_Weapons
Bark armor Bark Armor Armor
Basic toolkit Basic Toolkit Tools
Beaded bracelet Bracelet1 Bracelets
Beak Beak Articles_with_missing_info Defects Mutated_Natural_Weapons Mutations Physical_Defects
Beautiful visage BeautifulVisage Cybernetics
Becoming nook CyberneticsTerminal2 Furniture
Bed Bed Furniture
Bedger Bedger Furniture
Bedroll Bedroll Furniture
Bench Bench Furniture
Bent metal sheet Scrap Metal Scrap
Bent surgical stent Med Scrap Electronics Scrap
Bilge sphincter Bilge Sphincter Mutations Physical_Mutations
Bilge sphincter Bilge Sphincter Natural_Weapons
Billowing conch of the Aji Billowing Conch of the Aji Cudgels
Bio-scanning bracelet Bio-Scanning Bracelet Bracelets Pages_with_favilink_errors
Biodynamic cell Biodynamic Cell Liquid_Fueled_Energy_Cells
Bionic arm BionicArm Cybernetics
Bionic hands BionicHands Cybernetics
Bionic heart BionicHeart Cybernetics
Bite (astral tabby) Astral_Tabby_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (barkbiter) Barkbiter_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (bat) Bat_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (bear) Bear_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (belcher) Belcher_Bite
Bite (big dog) BigDog_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (bloated leech) Bloated_Leech_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (boar) Boar_Gore Natural_Weapons
Bite (cannibal) Cannibal Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (cat) Cat Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (chameleon) Chameleon_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (chromeling) Chromeling_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (clockwork beetle) ClockworkBeetle_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (croc) Croc_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (dawnglider) Dawnglider_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (dog) Dog_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (dragonfly) Dragonfly_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (electrofuge) Electrofuge_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (fire snout) Fire_Snout_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (gamma moth) Gamma Moth Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (giant beetle) GiantBeetle_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (giant centipede) GiantCentipede_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (glowfish) Glowfish_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (glowpad) Glowpad_Burn Natural_Weapons
Bite (greater voider) GreaterVoider_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (honeyskunk) Honeyskunk_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (ice frog) Ice frog bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (ickslug) Ickslug Bite Natural_Weapons Vibro_Weapons
Bite (juice sap) Juice_Sap_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (juicing cannibal) Juicing Cannibal Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (leech) Leech_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (memory eater) MemoryEater_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (mimic) Mimic_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (mirror bug) Mirror_Bug_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (pearlfrog) Pearlfrog_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (phase spider) Phase Spider Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (plated chromeling) PlatedChromeling_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (salamander) Salamander_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (scorpiock) Scorpiock_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (segmented mirthworm) SegmentedMirthworm_Bite Natural_Weapons
Bite (sewage eel) SewageEel_Bite
Bite (slug) Slug_Bite Natural_Weapons