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Location Terrain GotoID
Asphalt Mines Hills JoppaWorld.
Barathrum's Study Ruins
Bethesda Susa Jungle Surface: JoppaWorld.
Bey Lah Flower Fields
Charred tree Flower Fields
Garden of Geth Jungle
Golgotha Jungle JoppaWorld.
Grit Gate Ruins JoppaWorld.
Joppa Salt Marsh JoppaWorld.
Kyakukya Jungle JoppaWorld.
Omonporch Banana Grove Twin Gates: JoppaWorld.
Rainbow Wood Center: JoppaWorld.
Red Rock Desert Canyons Surface: JoppaWorld.
Bottom: JoppaWorld.
Rust Wells Desert Canyons Northern Well: JoppaWorld.
Eastern Well: JoppaWorld.
Southern Well: JoppaWorld.
Rusted Archway Desert Canyons JoppaWorld.
Six Day Stilt Salt Dunes JoppaWorld.
Stiltgrounds Salt Dunes JoppaWorld.
Tomb of the Eaters Ruins
Trembling Dunes JoppaWorld.


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