Magnetic Pulse

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Magnetic Pulse




Magnetic Pulse

You emit powerful magnetic pulses.

After a one turn charge time, you emit a pulse with radius (Level) that attempts to pull all metal objects toward you, including metal gear equipped on creatures.
Cooldown: 20 rounds

Magnetic Pulse is the trademark mutation of the Pulsed field magnet.pngpulsed field magnet. Every few turns, a creature with Magnetic Pulse pulls all metal objects from the surrounding squares, distance based by mutation level, towards itself, unless the items are equipped. If the player character is affected by the Magnetic Pulse, a message appears in the message log indicating that the items were taken out of their inventory. This pulse travels through walls, although items will stop at any solid object in their path.

Your (items) are ripped from your body!

In some cases, this can pull dozens of items at a time. Metal objects that are stored within a chest (on the ground or in an inventory) will not be pulled by a Magnetic Pulse.

If the player character is made out of metal, they are pulled towards the magnet themselves.

You are pulled towards (Magnetic Pulse user)/something. (if the player is unable to see who is using the pulse)

The pull strength is determined by Radius * 10 - Random[1-20].

The affected creature's pull resistance is either the strength of that creature or if an item, the weight/10.