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Modding: Overview

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Caves of Qud presents a broadly extensible engine. The game's core definition files reside in %game directory%\CoQ_Data\StreamingAssets\Base.

You can create mods for the game by creating a Mods folder in your game save directory, and then creating a sub-folder inside of the Mods folder for your new mod. New content can be created and existing content can be modified or replaced via data files and textures placed in this directory.

For example, on Windows: C:\Users\Brian\AppData\LocalLow\Freehold Games\CavesOfQud\Mods\MyAwesomeMod

Likewise, on Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Freehold Games/CavesOfQud/Mods/MyAwesomeMod

On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/com.FreeholdGames.CavesOfQud/mods/MyAwesomeMod

You may have to create the "mods" folder yourself.

Modding FAQ/Frequent Issues[edit | edit source]

Q: I keep getting an error when trying to save my game.

A: Most likely, you have a list in your mod. Qud's default method of saving doesn't handle lists, so you need to handle it yourself. To see how, check out this article on how to override Qud's default saving/loading.

Q: I'm stuck and don't know what to do.

A: Feel free to ask for help or guidance in #modding on the official Caves of Qud discord server! There are several modders there who use the channel to talk through and ask for feedback on their mods.