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Mutation selection

Mutations are one aspect of character creation in Caves of Qud. They provide the bulk of character customization due to their variety and number. There are over 70 mutations available.

List of Mutations[edit | edit source]

Physical Mutations[edit | edit source]

Mutation Type Cost Description Slots Exclusions CreationCode
Adrenal Control Physical 4 You regulate your body's release of adrenaline. +5 quickness
You can increase your body's adrenaline flow by up to 5 grades.
Each grade gives you an extra +(10 + (Level - 1)) quickness and +(3.0 - (0.2*(Level - 1)) % chance per round to exhaust yourself.
When you exhaust yourself, you lose your adrenaline bonus and fall asleep 5 rounds later. You stay asleep for 5 rounds.
Increasing and decreasing your adrenaline flow are free actions.
Burrowing Claws Physical 2 You bear spade-like claws that can burrow through the earth.

4 successful attacks dig through a wall
Claw penetration bonus: (3 * Level)
+Level based AV
Cannot wear gloves (if prerelease content is enabled):

Can dig passages up or down when outside of combat
Hands Flaming Hands Freezing Hands bb
Carapace Physical 4 +(3 Floor(Level / 2)) AV
-(7 - Ceiling(Level / 2)) DV
+(5 + 5 * Level) Heat Resistance
+(5 + 5 * Level) Cold Resistance
You may tighten your carapace to receive double the AV bonus
Cannot wear armor
+400 reputation with tortoises
(35 - Level * 2)% chance of becoming immobilized when knocked prone
Body Quills bc
Carnivorous Physical 1 You eat meat exclusively. You don't get ill when you eat raw meat.
You can eat raw meat without being famished.
Meals of raw meat that you eat while hungry have a 10% chance to be tastier than usual.
Meals cooked with selected meat ingredients have a +5% chance to be tastier than usual.
You get no satiation from foods that aren't meat.
If you eat raw food that isn't meat, there's a 50% chance you become ill for 2 hours.
You can't cook with plant or fungus ingredients.
Photosynthetic Skin b6
Corrosive Gas Generation Physical 3 You release a burst of corrosive gas around yourself. Releases gas for (1 + Level / 2) rounds
Cooldown: 35 rounds
Sleep Gas Generation bd
Double-muscled Physical 4 You are possessed of hulking strength, but your size renders your gait awkward and clumsy. +(2 + (Level - 1) / 2) Strength
-(level based penalty) move speed
Small chance to daze your opponent on a successful melee attack
Electrical Generation Physical 4 You accrue electrical charge that you can discharge at will. Maximum charges: (2 + Level * 2)
Accrue an additional charge every (10 - Floor(Level / 2)) rounds up to the maximum
Damage per charge: 1d4
Electricity will arc to adjacent targets dealing reduced damage
Electromagnetic Pulse Physical 2 You generate an electromagnetic pulse that disables nearby artifacts and machines. Cooldown: 200 rounds
Duration: (4 + Level * 2) - (13 + Level * 2) rounds
Area: (radius*2 +1)x(radius*2 +1) centered around yourself
Flaming Hands Physical 5 You emit jets of flame from your hands. Emits a 9-square ray of flame in the direction of your choice
Cooldown: 10 rounds
Damage: (Level)d4+1
Cannot wear gloves
Hands Freezing Hands Burrowing Claws bh
Freezing Hands Physical 5 You emit jets of frost from your hands. Emits a 9-square ray of frost in the direction of your choice
Cooldown: 10 rounds
Damage: (Level)d3+1
Cannot wear gloves
Hands Flaming Hands Burrowing Claws bi
Heightened Hearing Physical 2 You are possessed of unnaturally acute hearing. You detect the presence of creatures within a radius of (3+Level*2,40 if max)
Chance to identify nearby detected creatures
Heightened Quickness Physical 4 You are gifted with tremendous speed, though it comes at the cost of your vitality. +(level based bonus) Quickness
-(level based penalty) Toughness
Horns Physical 3 Horns jut out of your head. 20% chance on melee attack to gore your opponent
Damage increment: (Level Based)
Goring attacks may cause bleeding
+(level based) AV
Cannot wear helmets
+100 reputation with antelopes and goatfolk
Head bl
Metamorphosis Physical 4 You assume the form of any creature you touch. Cooldown: (525 - 25 * Level) rounds
May only assume the form of creatures level (1 + Level) * 5 or lower
Multiple Arms Physical 4 You have an extra set of arms. (6 + 2 * Level)% chance for each extra arm to deliver an additional melee attack whenever you make a melee attack bn
Multiple Legs Physical 5 You have an extra set of legs. +(3 + 5 * Level) move speed
+(5 + Level)% carry capacity
Night Vision Physical 1 You see in the dark. bp
Quills Physical 4 Hundreds of needle-pointed quills cover your body. (max quills) quills
May expel 10% of your quills in a burst around yourself (((Level-1)/2) ♥1d3)
Regenerate (Level)d4 quills every 10 rounds
+(Floor(Level/2)+1) AV as long as you retain half your quills ((AV - AV penalty) AV otherwise)
Creatures attacking you in melee may impale themselves on your quills
Cannot wear armor
Immune to other creatures' quills
Body Carapace bs
Sleep Gas Generation Physical 3 You release a burst of sleep gas around yourself. Releases gas for (1 + Level / 2) rounds
Cooldown: 35 rounds
Corrosive Gas Generation bu
Thick Fur Physical 1 You are covered in a thick coat of fur, which protects you from the elements. +4 Heat Resistance
+4 Cold Resistance
+100 reputation with apes
Triple-jointed Physical 4 Your joints stretch much further than usual, but your ligaments are weak. +(2 + (Level - 1) / 2) Agility
-(level based penalty) Strength
Small chance to dodge a physical melee or ranged attack
Wings Physical 3 You fly. You travel over land at (1.5 + 0.5 * Level)x speed
(36 + Level * 4)% reduced chance of becoming lost
While outside, you may fly (you cannot be hit in melee by grounded creatures while flying)
(0 or 6 - Level, whichever is greater)% chance of falling clumsily to the ground
Cannot wear anything on back
+400 reputation with birds and winged mammals
Back Stinger (Confusing Venom) Stinger (Paralyzing Venom) Stinger (Poisoning Venom) b5
Albino Physical defect -2 Your skin, hair, and eyes are absent of pigment.

You regenerate hit points at one-fifth the usual rate in the daylight.
Photosynthetic Skin ca

Mental Mutaions[edit | edit source]

Mutation Type Cost Description CreationCode
Beguiling Mental 3 You beguile a nearby creature into serving you loyally. Mental attack versus a creature with a mind
Cooldown: 50 rounds
Range: 1
Success roll: Ego modifier or mutation level (whichever is higher) X 2 + character level + 1d8 VS. Defender MA + character level + 5
Beguiled creature: +(Level * 5) bonus hit points
Light Manipulation Mental 4 You manipulate light to your advantage. You produce ambient light within a radius of (4 + Floor(Level/2))
You may focus the light into a laser beam (doing so reduces the radius of your ambient light by 1)
Laser damage increment: (Level based)
Laser penetration bonus: ((Level - 1) / 2 + 4)
Ambient light radius increases by 1 every 15 rounds until it reaches its maximum value
(10 + 3 * Level)% chance to reflect light-based damage
Psychometry Mental 4 You read the history of artifacts by touching them, learning what they do and how they were made.

Unerringly identifies an artifact up to complexity tier [Mutation Level/2 + 4]

Bestows the ability to construct an identified artifact up to complexity tier [(Mutation Level - 1) / 2 + 2] (must have the appropriate Tinker power)

You may open security doors upon touching them.
Amnesia Mental defect -3 You forget things and places in your immediate past.

Anything you have not seen in the last 20 rounds disappears from your map.