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Skill Tree



100 sp


17 Ego



You are skilled at convincing others.

Skills in the Persuasion skill tree[edit source]

Skill Cost Stat Skill Required Description
Menacing Stare 0 17 Ego You stare down a nearby opponent and send him fleeing in terror.
Intimidate 200 17 Ego Cooldown 50. You try to terrify adjacent, hostile creatures (1d8 + [Ego modifier] penetration roll vs. MA). On success, a frightened creature flees from you for 4d4 rounds.
Snake Oiler 150 19 Ego For purposes of bartering, your ego is treated as though it were 4 points higher.
Berate 150 19 Ego Cooldown 50. You shame a nearby creature for 6d6 rounds, giving it a -4 penalty to DV, to-hit, Ego, Willpower and a -10 penalty to quickness.
Proselytize 300 23 Ego You persuade an intelligent creature to join you.
Inspiring Presence 250 25 Ego Your words embolden your companions.