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Creation Code




Reality Distorting?Reality distorting mutations
cannot be used under
the effects of normality.



You read the history of artifacts by touching them, learning what they do and how they were made.

Unerringly identifies an artifact up to complexity tier [Mutation Level/2 + 4]

Bestows the ability to construct an identified artifact up to complexity tier [(Mutation Level - 1) / 2 + 2] (must have the appropriate Tinker power)

You may open security doors upon touching them.

Psychometry is a mental mutation which allows users to look into the past of artifacts to understand them as well as learn how to build them. Psychometry can be temporarily gained by eating a meal containing a Sundried banana.pngsun-dried banana or Goat in Sweet Leaf.

Contrary to the description, Psychometry will grant the ability to construct artifacts without needing the appropriate Tinker skill: only the base Tinkering is required to learn the the recipe, and Tinker I to craft at all. Mods cannot be learned through Psychometry.

If the player character has Psychometry, they gain an additional option with unidentified artifacts to "read history with Psychometry" and an option to "read early history with Psychometry" with known artifacts to learn the recipe. Successfully identifying an artifact with psychometry costs 1000 energy, which is one game turn at 100 quickness. As a mental mutation, this is affected by Two-headed. Using Psychometry to learn recipes or failing to identify an artifact does not cost any energy. Attempting to use Psychometry while confused gives the message "You strain to part the veil of time, but you are too confused.".

Complexity[edit | edit source]

Complexity is a number that all artifacts come with and are listed in their infobox. This is different from Difficulty, which is used to determine how difficult it is to correctly identify an artifact with a normal examine.

In addition to their built in complexity, any Mods on the artifact will also increase the complexity of that item depending on what mod is on the artifact.

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

  • Gives Tinkering-focused characters a much wider range of available recipes.
  • Gives low-Intelligence characters the ability to identify and craft artifacts they would otherwise be unable to.
  • Allows for much easier exploration of areas like the Rusted Archway, as the player will not need to search for Security Cards.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

  • Can be replicated by eating meals containing Sundried banana.pngsun-dried banana.
  • With Goat in Sweet Leaf, a free level 4-5 Psychometry is guaranteed and easy to access as long as the player buys an Ezra recoiler.pngEzra recoiler.
  • Can't learn mods, so characters will have to take Tinker II anyway to learn some mods.
  • High cost at character creation.

Text[edit | edit source]

When psychometry is on cooldown[edit | edit source]

You strain to part the veil of time, but your psyche is too exhausted.

Identify failure[edit | edit source]

The (artifact is/artifacts are) too complex for you to decipher (its/their) function.

Identify success[edit | edit source]

You flush with understanding of the artifact('s/s') past and determine (it/them) to be (a/an) [artifact].

Unable to learn recipe[edit | edit source]

The (artifact is/artifacts are) too complex for you to decipher (its/their) method of construction.

Learning Recipe[edit | edit source]

You abide the memory of the [artifact]('s/s') creation. You learn to build [artifact].