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tattoo gun
Tattoo gun.png
Max Volume

6 drams









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Tinker Skill

Tinker I



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Tattoo Gun

Extra Info:
tattoo gun

Ink is jetted into and under the skin canvas by a needle and rotary motor.


tattoo guns are a tool that can be used to recolor the player character's or companion's tile and detail color. It has a max capacity of 6 drams and requires Ink.pngink to function.

Selecting this item has the inventory action "Tattoo". This can select any nearby companion. Pressing Wait one turn (5) will select themselves. The body part must then be selected. If it is eligible, the player can choose to draw what they wish, and choose the tile color and secondary color for the tattooed. There is a limit of 3 tattoos on a body part.

A successful tattoo uses up 1 turn (1000 action cost) and 1 dram of ink.

Possible Colors[edit | edit source]

Name Hex
none no change
dark red #a64a2e
red #d74200
dark orange #f15f22
orange #e99f10
brown #98875f
yellow #cfc041
dark green #009403
green #00c420
dark blue #0048bd
bright blue #0096ff
cyan #40a4b9
light blue #77bfcf
violet #b154cf
pink #da5bd6
black #155352
gray #b1c9c3
white #ffffff

Ineligible Body Parts[edit | edit source]

There are several types of body parts that are unable to be tattooed. Mechanical based body parts that are found on robots like sensory arrays, chassis, or hardpoints cannot be tattooed due to not having flesh. Abstract body parts like the Floating Nearby part also cannot be tattooed. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

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