Tinker II

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Tinker II
Skill Tree


Prerequisite Skills

Tinker I


200 sp


23 Intelligence



You may build items from medium-tier schematics and you get 1 free schematic.

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Items that can be built using Tinker II[edit | edit source]

Image Item Bits
Bioscanning bracelet.png Bio-scanning bracelet <0024>
Biodynamic cell.png Biodynamic cell <035>
Bloodgradient hand vacuum.png Blood-gradient hand vacuum <0456>
Carbine.png Carbine <0014>
Chain laser.png Chain laser <0005>
Chain pistol.png Chain pistol <0014>
Chaingun.png Chaingun <004>
Combat shotgun.png Combat shotgun <0014>
Defoliant pump.png Defoliant pump <0024>
Displacer bracelet.png Displacer bracelet <0046>
Eaters nectar injector.png Eaters' nectar injector <06>
Eigenrifle.png Eigenrifle <0005>
Electrobow.png Electrobow <0024>
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower <0004>
Force bracelet.png Force bracelet <0034>
Freeze ray.png Freeze ray <12345>
Fungicide pump.png Fungicide pump <0024>
Gaslight chisel <0004>
Gaslight flyssa <0004>
Gaslight kris <0004>
Geomagnetic disc.png Geomagnetic disc <00126>
Gyrocopter backpack.png Gyrocopter backpack <0045>
Highpowered magnet.png High-powered magnet <0056>
Hologram bracelet.png Hologram bracelet <0034>
Hoversled.png Hoversled <0034>
Hypertractor.png Hypertractor <12345>
Laser pistol.png Laser pistol <0004>
Laser rifle.png Laser rifle <0004>
Linear cannon.png Linear cannon <0245>
Maghammer.png Maghammer <0345>
Missile launcher.png Missile launcher <0004>
Ninefold boots.png Ninefold boots <012346>
Normality gas pump.png Normality gas pump <0005>
Nuclear cell.png Nuclear cell <006>
Nullray pistol.png Nullray pistol <0005>
Ontological anchor.png Ontological anchor <0246>
Overloaded laser pistol.png Overloaded laser pistol <00005>
Pointdefense drone.png Point-defense drone <0256>
Portable wall.png Portable wall <0034>
Powered exoskeleton.png Powered exoskeleton <006>
Prayer rod.png Prayer rod <004>
Precinct navigator.png Precinct navigator <0B24>
Programmable recoiler.png Programmable recoiler <12234>
Randompoint recoiler.png Random-point recoiler <1234>
Recycling suit.png Recycling suit <0034>
Reprogrammable recoiler.png Reprogrammable recoiler <12346>
Rocket skates.png Rocket skates <0025>
Sniper rifle.png Sniper rifle <0014>
Sphynx salt injector.png Sphynx salt injector <05>
Spiral borer.png Spiral borer <0034>
Sprayabrain.png Spray-a-Brain <0056>
Springturret grenade mk ii.png Spring-turret grenade mk II <024>
Springturret grenade mk iii.png Spring-turret grenade mk III <045>
Structural scanning bracelet.png Structural scanning bracelet <0024>
Syphon baton.png Syphon baton <00445>
Telemetric visor.png Telemetric visor <0005>
Thermoelectric cell.png Thermoelectric cell <024>
Time dilation grenade mk ii.png Time dilation grenade mk II <024>
Time dilation grenade mk iii.png Time dilation grenade mk III <046>
Ubernostrum injector.png Ubernostrum injector <05>
Vibro blade.png Vibro blade <0015>
Vibro dagger <0004>
Visage.png VISAGE <001246>