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True Kin, one of the two playable races of Human in Caves of Qud, are the direct, unmutated descendants of the Eaters, a technologically-advanced ancient civilization which once inhabited Qud.

In-Game Differences from Mutants[edit | edit source]

There are several differences between True Kin and Mutants:

  • True Kin do not have access to Mutations at character creation.
  • True Kin have access to cybernetics. They get a free implant at character creation, and are recognized by Becoming nook.pngbecoming nooks, allowing them to install more Cybernetics later.
  • True Kin have higher base Attributes than Mutants.
  • True Kin gain more skill points when leveling up than a Mutant with equal Intelligence.
  • True Kin have the Rebuke Robot ability, acting as a Robot-only Proselytize.
  • Because of their genetic relationship to the Eaters, True Kin start with 0 Reputation with the mutant-hating Putus Templar, making them neutral to the player.
  • True Kin choose a Caste at character creation, rather than a Calling.
  • True Kin generally get stronger positive effects from Tonics which they consume.

Arcologies[edit | edit source]

Arcologies are the domed cities in which True Kin reside. Currently, only three Arcologies are known to exist, those being:

  • The Toxic Arboreta of Ekyemekiyye, The Holy City
  • The Ice-Sheathed Arcology of Ibul
  • The Crustal Mortars of Yawningmoon

The player's True Kin will always be from one of these arcologies. The reason why the player character leaves these enclaves is not specified.

Character Creation[edit | edit source]

In build codes, the very first letter determines the genotype. A is the code for True Kin. True Kin start with a minimum of 12 in each attribute, excluding character code bugs. 38 points can be spent on these attributes and can raise one stat to a maximum of 24.

Castes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Castes

Starting Cybernetic[edit | edit source]

All true kin can choose to start with one of 16 cybernetics to start. The player will have 2 license points to use, even if they choose a 1 credit cybernetic. However, if they choose no starting cybernetic, they will lose those points in exchange for +1 Toughness. The 16th cybernetic depends on the arcology they are in.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • True Kin were called “True Men” in earlier versions of Caves of Qud.

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