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Good morning! It is a lovely Harvest Dawn on the 25th of Iyur Ut (Feb 24, 6:49:41 am UTC).

Code Name Hex
r dark red #a64a2e
R bright red #d74200
o dark orange #f15f22
O bright orange #e99f10
w brown #98875f
W yellow #cfc041
g dark green #009403
G bright green #00c420
b dark blue #0048bd
B bright blue #0096ff
c dark cyan #40a4b9
C bright cyan #77bfcf
m dark magenta #b154cf
M bright magenta #da5bd6
k black #0f3b3a
K dark grey #155352
y bright grey #b1c9c3
Y white #ffffff
/Sandbox /Sandbox2
Template:Sandbox/User:Teamtoto/newitem2 Module:Sandbox/User:Teamtoto/LuaModule
Module:GetCreatureStats Form:Simulator_Sandbox
Template:VSSim Template:CharaSim
Template:Simulator Sandbox

Maintenence shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Special:WantedPages Special:WantedCategories

TODO:[edit | edit source]

  • Cargo store encounter table in module instead so total weight is also included in cargo

Effects[edit | edit source]

Finish filling it out

Cybernetics[edit | edit source]

  • add creation codes
  • Move cybernetics storage to their item pages
  • Delete List of Cybernetics when done

Extra Info[edit | edit source]

  • add rows for things like hidden (y/n)? include difficulty?
  • so many traits that are unique to themselves:
    • explode into goop on death (and what kind)
    • blinkondamage
  • hero bonuses?????? > relegated to their own page and table, Legendary creatures

The Next Big Article[edit | edit source]

Faction template[edit | edit source]

  • add attribute for holy place?
  • fix parent faction so if a faction reputation for it already exists, toss it

QBE TODO[edit | edit source]

  • what does DynamicObjectsTable:Saltdunes_Creatures:Weight Value=3 do?
  • also DynamicObjectsTable:Snapjaws:Builder

Notes[edit | edit source]

from [1]

HOLDS doesn't work as expected[edit | edit source]

Cargo bug. Instead of using HOLDS try, *__full instead. The lists then becomes a ordinary string and can be queried as such.


  • Replace skill_gems.gem_tags HOLDS "Aura" with skill_gems.gem_tags__full LIKE "%Aura%"
  • Use regexp for more advanced queries: events.id__FULL REGEXP "(, |^)SSF Abyss(, |$)".
    • The delimiter in this case is ,
    • Replace | with {{!}} in normal wikitext.

Case sensitivity[edit | edit source]

Cargo is case insensitive. Use BINARY instead. Read more here.