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Wishes are debug commands which can be useful for testing mods, escaping softlocks, setting up challenge runs, or otherwise testing object interactions. By default, no key is bound to wish. You must bind it in the debug section of the key bindings menu.

List of Wishes[edit | edit source]

Expressions in < angle brackets > are variables to be substituted for an actual expression. Expressions in [ square brackets ] are optional.

Wish Description
<unmatched> Entering any input not covered by a more specific wish will perform a lexigraphic search (using a Levenshtein distance algorithm) on object blueprints, skills, etc., and attempt the best match it can find, creating an object of that blueprint or granting your character that skill or ability.
idkfa Toggle God Mode (which is off by default). In God Mode:
  • You cannot lose hit points.
  • Your hydration is always at maximum.
  • Your attacks that penetrate instantly kill.
  • You cannot become lost from moving on the overworld.
  • You can move through normally impassible objects, such as walls.
  • You can automove (such as autoexplore) while a hostile creature is visible.

However, you can still die from effects that kill without inflicting damage, such as the gaze of the Lithofex.pnglithofex.

In all of the aforementioned points, "you" refers specifically to the player body at any given time. Swapping bodies after activating God Mode will cause it to start applying to the new body.

God Mode remains in effect across game sessions until either it's turned off manually or Caves of Qud is closed.

calm Toggle Calm Mode (which is off by default). In Calm Mode, enemy AI behavior does not run.

This can be useful if you're spawning a large number of creatures that you don't need to execute their AI behavior, since it will skip their AI entirely and allow turns to go by much faster.

Calm Mode remains in effect across game sessions until either it's turned off manually or Caves of Qud is closed.

convnode:<id>:<startnode>[:<speakerblueprint>] start a conversation <id> at start node <startnode> with optional speaker <speakerblueprint>
conv:<id>[:<speakerblueprint>] start a conversation <id> with optional speaker <speakerblueprint>
startquest:<quest name>
completequest:<quest name>
finishqueststep:<quest name>:<step name>
questdebug bring up an interactive quest debug ui
geno:<name> destroy all objects on the current map with the given blueprint or display name
reload hot load all game settings
rebuild attempt to rebuild the current zone
popuptest test popups
cyber test cyber terminal
nanoterm build a test cyber terminal
where display the current location id
bordertest screenbuffer performance test
glotrot give yourself glotrot
glotrotfinal give yourself glotrot at it's final stage - Nnnnnnnnnn.
ironshankonset give yourself ironshank onset
ironshank give yourself ironshank
glotrotonset give yourself glotrot onset
cureglotrot cures glotrot
cureironshank cures ironshank
fungone remove fungal infections
curefungus cures and cleans all fungal infections
mazetest test recursive backtrack maze generator
tunneltest test tunnel system
xpmul:<amount> set the global xp multiplier
xp:<amount> grant an amount of xp
cleaneffects remove all effects from the player body
clean remove all effects and stat penalties from the player body
websplat test phase web splats
stage2 complete quests and grant xp and gear for the early starting game play
stage3 complete quests and grant xp and gear for play through golgotha
stage4 complete quests and grant xp and gear for play post golgotha
stage5 complete quests and grant xp and gear for right before A Call to Arms
stage6 complete quests and grant xp and gear for Pax Klanq
tombbetastart complete quests and grant xp and gear for right before turning in a complete Pax Klanq, I Presume? (beta only)
tombbetainside complete quests and grant xp for going inside the tomb, with some Tomb of the Eaters steps already completed. (beta only)
garbagetest test the Garbage Collector
playeronly remove everyone but the player from the action queue
godown:<n> go down n levels (or up if n is negative)
goto:<n> Go to the specified zone. Format: World.ParasangX.ParasangY.ZoneX.ZoneY.Zlevel. The world by default is JoppaWorld, and the z-level is 10 for the ground, 11 for the first level underground, and so on.
minime create an evil twin
blink teleport
smartass add all tinkering skills
cluber add all cudgel skills
fencer add all long blade skills
axer add all axe skills
sblader add all shortblade skills
masterchef add all cooking skills and some ingredients
wandermode set the player's rep to neutral with all hostile factions
traveler set the player's rep to neutral with all factions
clearfactionmembership clear player's faction membership
skillpoints add 20,000 skill points
trip go prone
pro All stats are set to 40
where? copy current zone to clipboard
allbox create a chest next to you with one of every object in the game
factionrep <id> <amount> modify factionrep with a faction by amount. The faction ID is case sensitive and can be found on the faction page in Category:Factions.
memtest test memory performance
leadslugs get a lot of lead slugs
regionalize test the regionalizer
smartitem:<id> search and create a specific blueprint only
seed:<n> set the world seed to n
glowcrust get luminous infection
villagereveal reveal all villages
sultantest:<attribute> create a sultan dungeon in the current world map square with the attributes listed
sultanreveal reveal all sultan locations
sultanhistory reveal all sultan secrets
reveal1sultanhistory reveal one random sultan secret
relic generate all relics in the history + one random relic for each type
randomrelic:<n> generate n random relics
whatami displays the player body's blueprint
wavetilegen test tilegen
slow set the player's speed to 25
testpop test the population manager
testhero:<base type> create a creature and elevate it to a hero
showstringproperty:<prop> display the value of a string property on the player
showintproperty:<prop> display the value of an int property on the player
showcooldownminima report all cooldowns
maxmod set the mod chance to 999
night set the time to night
day set the time to day
dude get a creature from the current zone's population
notlost remove the lost effect
clone clone a target object
swap Swap bodies with an adjacent target. Unlike with the Domination mutation, swapping bodies in this way has an indefinite duration, and your previous body can act on its own.
supermutant get all mutations
zone:<id> teleport to a matched zone id
object:<id> search for a specific object to create
decapitateme well
mutation:<id> search for a mutation to grant
quest:<id> search for a quest to begin
find:<blueprint> search the zone for a particular object blueprint
unequip:<limb name>
revealsecret:<secret id>
testcardinal test cardinal numbers
testordinal test ordinal numbers
testpets test all possible village pet objects
testobjects test all possible dynamic encounter objects
showgenders display all gender strings
showmygender show the player's gender
showpronounsets show all pronoun sets
showrandomfaction display a random faction name
showrandomoldfaction display a random old faction name
showrandomfactionexceptbeasts display a random faction name, except beasts
showrandomfactionshortname display a random faction's short name
teststringbuilder unit test stringbuilder
topevents display top event id's
testrig grant survival, teleporation and clarvoyance
xy show the player's x,y location
hungry -or- famished set the player's hunger level
reequip re-equip the current player's body with the AI equip routine
roll:<die expression> roll a die expression
rollmin:<die expression> get the minimum value of a die expression
rollmax:<die expression> get the maximum value of a die expression
togglementalshields toggle mental shield
cool toggle cool mode
stat:<stat>:<n> set <stat>'s base value to n
statbonus:<stat>:<n> set <stat>'s bonus value to n
statpenalty:<stat>:<n> set <stat>'s penalty value to n
heapshot take a heap snapshot
test437 Show each code page 437 character.
spend spend player points randomly via AI algorithm
playerlevelmob spawn a mob around the player's level
auditblueprints audit blueprints
findfarmers find all the objects with the default farmer sprite
dismember:<limb name> dismember a limb
clearach!!! clear all your achivements
cooktestunits:<domain,domain> apply a random unit effect with the given domains
cooktestfull:<domain,domain> apply a random cooking effect with the given domains


spawn an esper hunter
testmadness test pax klanq madness
EarlRelic Creates a named relic based on the outcomes of the spindle negotiation with frogs and fish
testearl test the spindle negotiation with Dogs, Cannibals, Dromads, and Girsh
bookfuck randomly generates a markov page from 10 books and saves into rtf files.
bookfuckonefile Same as bookfuck, but saves all 10 into one big rtf file.
makevillage Builds a village
villageprops list village properties if in a village
checkforpart:<part> check if the player has a part
explodingpalm dismember all limbs and decapitate a nearby creature
filljournal fills journal with nonsense
sherlock Completes Find Eskhind and starts Kith and Kin and adds all clues into the journal. This also spawns Neelahind nearby.
hindrenawardtest,<Motive>,<Circumstance>,<Thief> Grants rewards based on the included arguments.
hindrentexttest,<Climate>,<Circumstance>,<Motive>,<Thief> Tests the output text of accusing someone of with these arguments. Climate values:(prosperous,tumultuous,mixed) Circumstance values:(craft,illness,trade,violence) Motive values:(craft,illness,trade,violence) Thief values: (keh, esk, kendren, kese)